How To Improve Balance As A Horseback Rider

How To Improve Balance As A Horseback Rider

Good balance is critical for horseback riders. Not only do you need good balance to stay on your mount at different gaits, but you also need to be able to keep your seat if your horse spooks or rears. If you want to be a better rider, one of the best things you can do is improve your balance. Here are four things you can add to your daily routine to enhance your balance.

Ride Over Cavaletti

If you’re a jumper, you understand the importance of goof balance. One way to help you get used to shifting your weight while jumping is to ride over cavaletti poles on the ground. This is a great exercise for any rider who wants to improve his or her balance. As you gain confidence with your balance, you can invest in horse jump cups to raise the cavaletti off the ground.

Add Balance Exercises To Your Workouts

Most balance exercises should be done on the ground. While these exercises may not burn many calories, they are useful for helping you tone your muscles and get in shape. Spend a few minutes of each workout on these balance exercises and you will improve quickly. They take little time and require no special equipment but they could have a big impact on your riding skills.

Try Yoga

Yoga is a low-impact exercise that offers many benefits. Certain poses are great for improving balance so try to find a yoga instructor who is willing to incorporate them into each session. If you want to exercise from the comfort of your home, you can always buy a yoga mat and find instructors online so you can customize each session to meet your needs.

Strengthen Your Legs

The muscles in your legs are responsible for balance. While many people spend a few exercise sessions each week working on legs, it is a good idea to focus on leg strength if you are a rider. The stronger your legs are, the better a rider you will be.

Improving your balance is a great way to boost your horseback riding skills and it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you take the time to incorporate these four exercises into your daily routine, you can enhance your balance with minimal effort. Start improving your balance today to see the results in your riding. You will be a safer, better rider as a result.