Best Ways To Handle Separation Anxiety In Dogs By Pet Sitters

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  • April 18, 2020
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The common problem that happens to the dog after they leave home or when you leave them home alone is separation anxiety that causes panic and other issues as well. 

Remember that panic can be so problematic that as soon as you leave, the dog will pace around, demonstrate housebreaking and destruction, or bark without stopping.

However, as soon as you return, their greetings can be frantic and exciting, because this condition can cause severe stress and other issues as well. 

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It is vital to determine the reasons for this particular problem because some signs we have mentioned above could be symptoms of underlying conditions.

For instance, soiling can happen due to urinary infection or other issues such as arthritis or digestive problems. 

The first thing you should do is to visit your vet to determine the reasons and reduce the possibility of other medical problems apart from the anxiety.

What Is Separation Anxiety?

Separation distress or anxiety is the form of unbelievable agony that dogs tend to feel when their owner and family member is not around. It happens due to heavy attachment that occurs between an animal and a familiar person.

By answering these questions, you will be able to determine whether your dog is suffering from this particular type of distress:

  • Did someone from your neighborhood complain after you left your dog home alone? Ask them whether they heard howling, whining, and barking when you were away. 
  • Is the common problem that happens in a severe panic when you leave the household?
  • Do you return home to find the horrible destruction of your belongings or the lack of training when you are away?

Generally, if you answered some of them positively, there are chances that your dog is suffering this particular condition. 

Finding the best pet sitting company is a great way to reduce this particular problem, especially if you have to work and leave your dog alone for more than five hours. 

Remember that a common sign is significant distress as well as behavioral issues that happen when they separate from the owner.

It tends to happen during the initial moments after you depart. Avoid thinking that this is a form of boredom because excessive barking and destructive chewing should not occur unless your canine friend has behavior issues.

The difference between boredom and anxiety is that your dog can easily overcome boredom by chewing the favorite toy or by stimulation with you when you were outside. 

However, if these issues happened after the exercise when your dog should sleep or take a nap, it is more likely anxiety than boredom.

Generally, the signs of anxiety require additional training, including playing games more prolonged than usual, implementing an extra walk, or engaging the obedience class so that your dog could learn the difference between being abandoned and being alone.

It is vital to remember that you will be able to determine this particular problem by yourself and reduce it without outside help. The most effective method is systematic desensitization that involves gradually leaving your dog at home with an idea to get used to it.

Why Does It Happen?

It is not completely clear why some dogs have this particular problem. It could happen due to another underlying condition or due to environmental change. 

For instance, if you move to a new home, bring the baby to a home, or if another pet or owner died beforehand, the symptoms could occur. On the other hand, routine changes can also lead to anxiety as well as an inability to cope with the new environment.

Things To Do To Stop It 

Change Your Routine – Dogs depend on the routine you implement, which is why they will realize things you do and start panicking even when you wake up and put on a coat to leave for work. The best way to prevent it is to change your behavior by paying attention to your pet beforehand, and your dog will stop taking these activities as the signs that you are going to leave.

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Avoid Ignoring Your Pet – Most owners tend to leave their homes without carrying for their pets during the process. That creates severe anxiety that you can easily prevent by being with your pet for a few minutes before leaving. That way, you are stating that you are not going for good.  You don’t need to worry about your dog who is alone in the house when you are out. Buy the cutest pomeranians for your dog, which gives him company when you are not at home.