How To Be a Good Horse Owner

How To Be a Good Horse Owner

Owning a horse is fun, but it is also a big responsibility.  Horses need more time and attention than many other pets, and they are often more expensive to care for. If you have decided to bring a horse home, it is important to use these three tips to be a good owner.

Set Money Aside for Medical Expenses

Just like people, horses get sick and injured unexpectedly. You may be able to care for minor health issues yourself, but you never know when major problems will pop up. It is a good idea to have a savings account that is dedicated to paying for your horse’s medical expenses. If you’re looking for a way to help offset the cost, you may also want to look into finding the best horse insurance.

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Give Your Horse Plenty of Exercise

Horses need lots of exercise to stay healthy and entertained. If you keep your pet in a barn 24/7 and give it little time to stretch its legs, your horse’s health will decline and it may even start chewing on the stall door out of boredom. If you don’t have time to take your horse on frequent rides, consider hiring some as an exercise rider. Even one quick ride a day is better than none. At the very least, let your horse out into a large, well-maintained pasture for a few hours each day. This has the additional bonus of giving your pet time to graze, which can cut down on feeding expenses.

Make Sure Your Horse Has Shelter

If you don’t want to pay to erect a barn, you may think that you can keep your horse in a pasture all of the time. This isn’t always a bad option, but your animal does need someone to go during inclement weather. A barn is the best choice as it also gives you a place to care for your horse when it is sick or hurt. However, a cost-efficient lean-to is also a viable option.

Caring for a horse properly requires a lot of time and energy. If you want to be a good horse owner, you need to take on the many responsibilities that come with proper care. Use these three tips to start being a responsible horse owner. With the right amount of love, care and attention, your horses can live happy, healthy lives for many years. Start using these tips today to improve your level of care.