Games And Exercises That Will Make Dog Training Fun For You And Your Furry Friend

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  • September 15, 2020
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Games And Exercises That Will Make Dog Training Fun For You And Your Furry Friend

The quarantine has forced not only humans but also pets indoors. Many pet owners have started acting responsibly and are keeping their pets indoors. This is stressful for humans and dogs. Keeping dogs indoors for long periods can affect their health. The dogs will miss their outdoor activities. They are missing their activities, including walking and playing in the park.

Unfortunately, your dog training Wigan has not prepared your dog for this. However, all hope is not lost. There are indoor exercises to keep your pets happy and healthy. You can ask a dog trainer Wigan to suggest exercise suitable for your dog.

Indoor Physical Activities

Dog owners need not worry about the quarantine and upcoming winter.

Obstacle Course

This is dog owners who have a large enough room you can set an obstacle course for your dog. You would be surprised at how easy it is to create the obstacle courses you see on dog shows.


Running up and down the stairs is a simple way of exercising your dog. This exercise is, however, not recommended for old dogs or dogs who have health issues concerning their joints. If your dog falls under either category, don’t play this activity.

Keep Away

You and another member can throw small objects at each other. The object of the game is for your dog to get the item while it is midair.


there are two variations of this game. first with treats, and second with you. under the treats version, you hid treats in different places and get your dog to search for them. if the dog finds them, they get that treat as a reward. under your version, you hide in different parts of the house, and your dog should find you. if they succeed in finding you, they have earned a treat.

Mental Exercise

There are mental exercises that you can do with your dogs. These activities stimulate your dog instead of tiring them out.

Shell Game

The game is the same as with humans, but you would be playing with your dog. This game helps improve your dog’s attention as well as its problem-solving abilities. There is a simple version consisting of hands instead of cups or shells. Here you put a treat in hand, and the dog should find the treat.


There are many indoor activities that you can include in your dog training Wigan. In case you cannot choose the proper exercise, you can ask a qualified dog trainer Wigan.