CBD Gummies – How Did It All Start?

Gummies are small jelly-like candies that tickle the tongue and warm the tummy. What could be better than having these gummies? CBD gummies, of course!

CBD gummies happen to be one of the hottest selling CBD edible products worldwide. They are convenient to use, easy to carry long, and, of course, fun and delicious to eat.

Unless they comprise of the THC component, the CBD gummy bears will not get you stoned. Moreover, unless you consume pounds of them, these gummies are free of any adverse effects. Also, they do not require a prescription and are non-addictive.

What Is A Gummy Candy?

The gummy bear turned out to be the first ever form of the gummy candy. It basically originated in Germany where it is commonly called as gummibärchen or gummibär. The actual gummy bears were made using a gum arabic, hence the name.

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Hans Riegel, Sr. – A confectioner from Bonn, Germany basically invested this concept of gummy bear. In the year 1920, he formed the Haribo Company. Later on, motivated by trained bears, he had seen at the street fairs, he came up with a product called as the Dancing Bear. It was a fruity-flavored gum candy which was much larger in size than the gummy bears we see today.

Seeing it thrive, several other confectioners started developing their own gummy candies in the form of octopuses, lobsters, rainbows, fruit, fish, snakes, worms, and even Smurfs.

Lately, this gummy candy concept has been adopted by several dietary supplement manufcturers and infused with everything from CBD to multivitamins.

Get To Know More About CBD Gummy Candies

Gummies today are usually made from gelatin rather than the gum Arabic. The gelatin is mixed with colors, flavors, sweeteners, and even citric acid to add a bit of tartness.

CBD gummy bears are made in the standard way. CBD is merely added into the entire mix. Some of the CBD gummies include a pure CBD-rich hemp extract, whereas others comprise of pure CBD that has been secluded from the hemp extract altogether.

This is the purified form of CBD which is made extracting the essential oils from the hemp plant. Hemp happens to be a non-buzz-inducing form of the cannabis plant which is mainly used for food and textile and even for biofuel, plastics, building materials and much more.

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As the essential oil is extracted, it goes through a complete process which takes out the solids, and then a distillation process takes place that further helps concentrate the oil. This process helps achieve different levels of purity. They vary from fullspectum- which means it still comprises of all the cannabinoids as well as the terpenes that are found in the raw extract—to untainted CBD isolate.