What Are Causes Of Dog Aggression

What Are Causes Of Dog Aggression

There are many reasons why your dog might be showing aggression; that’s why it’s highly recommended to work with a vet or canine behaviorist to understand the root cause of the problem. The term aggression is often used negatively. Most of the time, dogs use aggression as their defensive mechanism to save themselves from potential threats, discomfort, or inconvenience. It’s just like how human beings react in stressful situations where they become aggressive. However, they have a chat with friends, walk in the park or read a book to become calm. The dog doesn’t have any of these options, so they express their anger in a different form. There can be numerous causes of aggression, but below are some of the most common triggers.

· Fear

Fight or flight is a response in human beings that allows them to act quickly whenever they sense fear. The same goes for dogs; whenever they are scared, they will become angry to get away with the stressful situation. Fear is the most common cause that can make dogs aggressive.

· Anxiety

According to dog walkers in San Francisco “Anxiety and fear are parallel to each other. When the dog senses fear, he will also become anxious. However, anxiety doesn’t need a particular trigger to become worse. Even without a trigger, it’s always present and can cause aggressive behavior.”

· Illnesses

When a dog is feeling unwell, there are high chances he will act grumpy. These dogs can become angry even with small physical touches such as hugs and kisses. In these times, avoid letting your dogs near children and other dogs. It is the common reason for older dogs’ aggression, but it does not apply to all dog breeds.

· Resource Guarding

Some dogs become obsessively attached to objects, items, and people. The dog may assume that other dogs or people will try to take away their cherished possessions. It can become dangerous, and dogs can start growling, barking, or attacking others.

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· Lack of Stimulation

Not doing enough socialization can exhaust the dog and lead them to frustration. Dogs can become angry, irritable, and anxious in some cases. Dogs are social creatures that love to interact with more people. Before adopting a dog, you should know that you are responsible for fulfilling the dog’s needs as a pet parent. Make sure to spend enough time with your pup and do exercises. It will keep them active, and they won’t feel triggered.

· Sex-Related Aggression

Dogs are well-known for being aggressive in sexual situations. It happens when female dogs are in heat and male dogs come in contact with them. The aggression can manifest in many ways and varies from breed to breed. If you want to avoid this situation, you should get your dogs neutered or spayed.

· Idiopathic Aggression

These are the causes of aggression that are still unknown to human beings. There is no possible reason why your dog is becoming aggressive, and there is uncertainty about the situation. Since finding the root cause is quite hard, treating it can be extremely difficult. But this is a rare condition; only a small percentage of dogs suffer from this aggression.