The 5 Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In Cayman Islands

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Statistics and collected data make it crystal clear that the Cayman Islands has experienced excellent economic growth over the last couple of years. There were also substantial improvements as far as the tourist market is concerned and furthermore real estate markets on the island has also recovered very nicely and all of this has done a lot to increase the population of the island and also to make it is a substantially more desirable place to live.

It is therefore not surprising that an increasing number of international investors are now becoming interested in the Cayman Islands. Many people who are interested in a tropical lifestyle are also starting to investigate the opportunities which are available on the island. There are three separate islands all of which together form the Cayman Islands. On each of these three islands there are many well developed neighborhoods each with their own healthy real estate market.

5. East End

This is one of the popular villages on Cayman Islands. East End is on the south east coast of Grand Cayman. Estimates in 2018 placed the population at 2400. Average temperatures in this region is around 22°C. There are frequent cultural tours in the region which is historically accurate and which is excellent in order to educate visitors about the culture and the history of the region. There are also frequent beach excursions which is enjoyed very much by both locals and visitors. As far as food and beverages is concerned there are many excellent dining places in the region and the nightlife is also extremely enjoyable. Houses can be purchased from approximately US$2 million with or without financing.

4. West Bay  

You will find West Bay on the western side of Grand Cayman Island and it has a population of just over 15,000 people. This area is a very popular residential area and only a short distance south of West Bay is the highly popular Seven Mile Beach. Shopping and fashion are excellent in this area and it is something which is engaged in enthusiastically by both locals and visitors. Shore excursions is also very popular as well as the water sports which is hosted on the beach. There are also a variety of tours which can be joined by visitors which is an excellent way to learn about the culture and the history of the region. Houses can be purchased for around US$2.3 million.

3. Stone Island

You will find Stone Island in the luxurious Yacht club neighborhood. This area is a gated as well as a fully maintained waterfront community. They are 44 beautiful luxury residences and each of them are featuring around 4500 ft.² of open concept living spice. A large amount of attention to detail was involved in the design and construction of these luxury properties. These are highly exclusive three-story residences each of which has its own private plunge pool. There are the master bedrooms, double vehicle gorges and unobstructed views of the waterways. There are many other amenities and features such as an elevator, barbecue area and many other things. One of these properties will cost US$3.5 million.

2. South Sound

Statistics showed clearly that South Sound is enjoying a rapid expansion as far as development is concerned. This will quickly become apparent when people drive around the neighborhood because they will then see for themselves all of the developments which is currently in progress in the area. It should therefore be obvious why this neighborhood is so popular. The area provides residents with so much value, they are close to the water and there are excellent schools in the neighborhood while Georgetown is also close by. There is a squash club, tennis club as well as the Cayman Islands Rugby Club. There are excellent beaches as well as a seaside boardwalk. Residential properties are available for just over US$4 million.

1. Seven Mile Beach

There is a long list of activities which is hosted in Seven Mile Beach in order to ensure that locals and visitors are able to enjoy themselves. There are excellent eating places providing quality food and beverages and there is also a vibrant nightlife which can be enjoyed by visitors. Furthermore, they offer 4-wheel drive excursions, and there are also several different day trips as well as excursions of various kinds. There are also snorkeling and diving expeditions as well as parasailing and cultural tours. Real estate is available for $6.7 million.