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How Top Residential Dog Trainers Prevent Dog Bites

How Top Residential Dog Trainers Prevent Dog Bites

It is estimated that about 740 people per 100,000 in the UK are bitten by dogs every year with 250,000 people attending minor injury and emergency units each year due to dog bites. Many of these non-fatal and fatal dog attacks are preventable with the right training.

Preventing dog bites goes beyond providing your dog with residential dog training. In fact, it begins with the owner and how he handles his dog in a wide range of situations. From in the house around children and other pets, to outside while taking a walk or at the dog park, there are many instances where dog owners might need to ward off a potential dog bite situation. If you want to keep your dog from biting other dogs and people, do what the residential dog training experts at Dog Harmony do.

We Are Going To Share Some Expert Tips On How To Prevent Dog Bites And Keep Your Dog Healthy And Happy. Let’s Get Started:

Avoid A Staring Contest- you should never start a staring contest with a dog, familiar or otherwise. More aggressive dogs may see it as a threat and an invitation for conflict which could lead to a painful bite.

Never Allow Small Children To Play With A Dog Without Supervision- children should always be accompanied when interacting with any new dog. Although the dog shows friendly behaviours, children shouldn’t approach the dog when their parents are not around to ensure their safety and the safety of the dog.

Act Calmly- you should be completely calm around a dog. Screaming loudly, shouting, showing fear, or running can increase a dog’s stress level and the dog can be provoked to bite.

Stand To The Side Of Your Dog- always stand to the side of your dog and never let anyone approach its face. It could see this as confrontational and lash out to defend itself or its owner.

Greet With A Closed Hand- any time you are meeting a new dog, greet it by letting it sniff your closed hand. This will give it a chance to decide if you are a friend or not.

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