FTMO Alternatives – Better Proprietary Trading Firms for 2022

FTMO Alternatives – Better Proprietary Trading Firms for 2022

Learn about FTMO Private Trading Firms’ main drawbacks and alternatives that offer reduced costs and more security. Reviews of FTMO alternatives without bias.

Which Private Trading Companies, then, dominate over FTMO? Do you want to skip to the response? The top FTMO alternative broker for November 2022 is Audacity Capital’s

The most recent scouting effort is called FTMO. Propriety trading companies, sometimes known as “prop firms,” evaluate and test traders in exchange for a fee. The select few who pass are then given money, and profitable trades are divided down a certain proportion with the broker. As far as scouting companies go, FTMO succeeds in every area. In addition to offering users webinars, workshops, and coaching, FTMO offers a respectable 80% reward for profitable traders.

Things That we Disliked

Issues with the platform freezing

Complaints regarding poor customer support

Which FTMO Alternative is the Best for a Paid Trading Account?

Like a Forex trading partner or broker, choosing a stability provider is important for an advertiser. The provided tools must function precisely while offering the capabilities required to make your trader’s job easier. What are the alternatives, therefore, if you can trade risk-free with the capital of a properly funded firm like FTMO?

A prop trading company called FTMO was established in the Czech Republic. Although their Forex trader solution bundle is an all-around box ticker for many traders, not everyone can use it.

Either the profit split isn’t attractive enough, or the variety of instruments offered doesn’t provide an overall high level of service. When choosing trading platforms, it is advisable to explore beyond the available market-interesting parameters. Fees, evaluation procedures, minimum trading days, and permitted trading techniques should be placed before capital provision, profit splitting, and risk management. Other things to think about are whether or not they have multi-level marketing structures and how reasonable their expectations are.

Which Prop Firm between FTMO and Audacity Capital is the Best for Trading?

Your trading strategies must be based on the policies and guidelines of the prop firm while using a paid account. A strong foundation is necessary to protect your gains rather than a poor product, and Audacity Capital offers advantages beyond the large trading capital.

Even if they have had great trade performances in the past, 95% of traders looking for money find the FTMO tasks to be unreasonably demanding. Additionally, Audacity Capital has the following qualities that make it the top FTMO alternative prop trading provider:

FTMO Trader Program Alternative: Does it Exist? (Pros and Cons)

Low Participation Fee for Forex Prop Firms

Audacity Capital has lower fees than FTMO, which enables you to generate earnings at a reasonable cost. When it comes time for your payout, the prop trading firms also has you covered and won’t make any empty promises. In addition, this company uses institutional liquid providers rather than retail brokers, which improves the trading environment.

You’re willing to interact with other traders through our community app to pick up fresh tactics and develop a wide range of trading knowledge. Additionally, Audacity Capital offers educational webinars that will help you improve your trading abilities on the Forex markets.

Increasing Trading Decision Flexibility

The 2012-founded Audacity Capital operates in more than 40 nations and offers local traders better risk management. Once you reach a 10% target, your trading account is doubled, and you gain access to improved results verified by several users. You also enjoy deeper availability. Your payments are always on time because we are one of the supported account trading organisations with the quickest growth.

Paying their money without ensuring that you will pass their challenge tests is one of the obvious hazards associated with FTMO. The high failure rate shows that many traders believe the risk could be more worthwhile. Audacity capital, on the other hand, provides stability by enabling you to trade using your own money.

Run several accounts at a 10% drawdown

With Audacity Capital’s investment and support for profitable traders, you can define the future of your Forex trading.

After a simple enrollment process, we provide access to real-time economic trading in a few easy steps.

In less than 24 hours following your interview, you will get the results, sign the contract, and have the money in your trading account. You can access your money and manage as many accounts as you like in addition to the capital provided by prop trading firms. Using a remote trade copier, you’ll join your accounts as slaves to the Audacity Capital master.