Dogs At Home

Dogs At Home

Keeping a dog as a pet can become a hassle especially if you are an immature and don’t know how to keep one.

What food should we feed the dog or what not? Can dogs drink tea? Or Can they drink coffee? Can they eat Tofu? You might have questioned yourself a lot of times such questions and queries.

In this article, we will be going through on how you can groom your dog in the best manner possible and how you can make him follow you and your commands and what kind of games can you play with your dog in order to keep him busy throughout.

Commands That Your Dog Can Learn

There are certain commands that you should teach your dog are as follows:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Leave

Sit: Share with your dog something to eat whilst keeping your hand up in the air and ask him to sit.

Down: Do the same with this command. Give your dog something to eat and keep your hand downwards towards the ground so that your dog can adjust to that position automatically and then command him to stay down.

Stay: Once your dog has learned the command of sitting, now make him learn to stay in that position until you ask him otherwise.

Come: For this command, you can ask your dog to come to you while keeping his leash in your hand. If he complies then give him some reward.

Leave: Make him learn to leave something if you command him to. Give him something and then ask him to leave it so that he starts understanding your commands. If he leaves as per your command then reward him with the same thing which you asked him to leave.

Games To Play With Your Dog

Dogs love being played. They love to follow their owner all around. If your dog loves to play then you can introduce to him a few new games.

Hand Game

Put something in your both hands and ask your dog to guess in which hand your food is in. Let your dog guess and have fun playing with him.

Play Hide & Seek Game

Play the game of hide and seek with your dog. They love finding the hidden items or people. You can hide in a place and ask your dog to find you by callimg his name.

Fetch The Item

Play this game with your dog. Throw something i.e. a ball etc. and ask your dog to go and fetch it for you.

Groom Your Dog

Although, it’s not a game in and itself. However, it is a good of spending quality time with your pet. Give your dog a bath and trim his hair every now and then.

Chasing Or Catching Bubbles In The Air

This is the most fun game out there. Dogs love to play this game. Ask your dog to chase the bubbles in the air and to pop them. Your dog would have a quality time whilst you will be able to keep him busy as well.