Best Ways To Transfer Your Pet By Road

Best Ways To Transfer Your Pet By Road

Many times, each and every one of us needs to shift our residents because of suitable career seeking. Whether it is domestic or international, all kinds of shifting are really stressful. And, if it is about transferring your pet, it might be more worry-some. Therefore, it is so important to contact the trustworthy pet shipping services for hazardless moving that offer TLC service and also assure your pet’s seamless travel. Learn more here about pet shipping.

You can easily get to several pet transportation companies by searching online. Before booking one, make sure it is registered with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and also the active member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). These particular characteristics assure the transportation companies’ commitment to their customers.

All the pet transferring companies are ranked on the basis of several vital factors, such as:

  • Popularity
  • Special service offers
  • Professionality,
  • Affordability
  • Health services of the pets and more.

Some of the reputed pet transportation companies include:

Happy Tails Travel, Inc.

Happy Tails Travel Inc. is a Arizona based leading pet shipping service. This company is well-known for their best pet transfer services including dogs, cats, birds etc. With the experience of more than 23 years they ensure the safest possible service. You can purchase  the most services just by paying once. Like you can avail services from booking to boarding and other medical and logistic preparations with one-time fees. They specially transport to the European states as well as all over the world.


  • USDA and IPATA registered
  • Domestic and international Shipping
  • A+ BBB affiliated
  • Fees for domestic services are $425 including Alaska and Puerto Rico. International transportation fees are $500 for U.S to Hawaii and international to U.S. Fees for the other destinations are $600 to 950+ and more.


Pet-Express is a California-based renowned pet relocation service since 1978 on ground. They transport  both domestically and internationally and possess a huge professional traveling network.have a broad network of professionals nationwide and internationally. They assure the most cosy travel experience for both you and your pet. Their  drivers and associates  are carefully trained to humane practices. They also provide necessary medical assistance to your pet.

Another best thing is, this company helps rescued pets to find their new shelters to their new destination.


  • Transport domestic and international
  • 50% faster ground transportation than other companies
  • USDA and IPATA registered
  • A+ BBB verified


  • Poor customer service
  • No proper fee structure given online


The service providers are US based and are known for providing peer to peer services. They have a unique way of servicing where they connect a customer with a courier or transport agency. They usually look for the citizens who are driving through the customer’s route already, and on the way could drop the pet carrier to the respective place. The citizens are chosen on the basis of their courier experience and the bidding placed by them.

Blue Collar Pet Transport

This is the new member included very recently among the best pet relocation companies. This company is head-quatered in Florida. They are popular for their high-quality and individualized pet shipping service and professionalism. They take care of all your requirements regarding relocation.

They welcome all kinds of pet breeds of dogs and cats. The best thing is, they never charge extra for pets with special needs. Fees depend on distance and types of services.


  • Never ships by cargo or kennels
  • Proper verification of drivers and pet attendants
  • Provide transportation service all over North America
  • Registered by USDA and committed to security

Fee Structure

  • Private gear: $1.57 per mile + $475 handling fee (minimum $1,000)
  • Shared transfer: $0.35 cents per mile + $375 handling fee ($675 minimum)


  • Not affiliated by BBB
  • Not that much potential in comparison to other shipping services.
  • Not eligible for transporting internationally.

Animal Transportation Worldwide

ATW was founded by Kyle Gray and his cousins in 2011. At the early stages they have started shipping pets in the nearby areas but gradually their company became the most reliable and efficient ground pet transportation service. In present days their service has covered the entire North America. They specially offer three specific types of ground pet service. Such as: PetExpress, PetConomy and PetFirst Class. Along with the moving of your pet they have also added services like door to door pick up and drop, specialist and trained pet attendants, providing food and water to the pet , 24/7 contact driver, GPS tracking, pet protection policies etc.


  • Agents are specifically CPR certified
  • Safest way to ground transport of your pet
  • Secured ground transfer of pet’s
  • The most luxurious first-class pet moving service
  • Handles custom issues (if any)

Wrapping Up

I will personally recommend the last one as it also enables you hassle-free and comfortable journey with your pet. However, all the above mentioned services are trending in the ground pet transportation services, but some of them also provide air transfer service whether it is domestic or international.