A Quick Guide To The Maltese Dog Breed

Dog Breed

The benefits of owning a dog are numerous. Some dogs are exercise partners, running beside you as you work to improve your health. Other dogs are couch potatoes, happiest when they’re curled up beside you on the couch or getting their belly rubbed. Still, other dogs provide security by protecting your home and family. The Maltese breed is a little bit of all three of these.

Physical Characteristics

Maltese dogs are tiny bundles of fun and love. Because they typically don’t grow to be taller than 10 inches or heavier than seven pounds, they are an excellent choice for apartment dwellers who may not have space for a larger breed. Identified by their silky smooth, long white coats, Maltese dogs always look like they just stepped out of a glamorous photoshoot. Sometimes, their ears will have a tint of light tan. These tiny companions are delicate and fit perfectly into your lap.

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Before you start searching for Maltese puppies for sale in Orlando, it’s important to know that these dogs are small but mighty. The breed is highly intelligent, self-confident, and very playful. They are known to bark at strangers and other dogs, are quite bold, and won’t be afraid to challenge other dogs. It is important not to allow these dogs to be over-coddled, as becoming the pack leader may lead to anxiety or behavior disorders. The Maltese breed is best for families that don’t mind a dog with an independent streak and don’t have small children in the home.

Caring for the Maltese Breed

Maltese dogs live an average of 12-14 years and require short walks or vigorous play sessions on a regular basis to remain physically and mentally fit. If you keep your dog’s coat long, you’ll need to brush it every other day to keep it soft and healthy. These dogs are susceptible to deafness, dental problems, and shaker syndrome. Less serious health concerns may include hypothyroidism or hypoglycemia.

The Maltese breed isn’t for every family, but it could be for yours. If you are an experienced dog owner or willing to invest in obedience classes for your dog (and you), then the Maltese could be just the right fit for you and your lifestyle.