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German Shepherd Facts, Prices & Availability in Pakistan

German Shepherd Facts, Prices & Availability in Pakistan

Many pet lovers want to know the amazing facts about their favorite cats, dogs, and other animals. They want to know about the attributes, qualities, and most importantly, about their prices to bring them to their sweet homes.

Pakistan has no exception for pet lovers, and one of the best dogs is the German Shepherd. The German Shepherd is an average size dog that has a German origin. These dogs are very much famous due to their having hundreds of qualities. People in Pakistan also train and raise the dogs in the backyard and use them for other purposes. Mela mandi is the progressing online website to buy and sell your pets at the best deals.

What are the Amazing Facts About German Shepherd?


German Shepherd is a bulky, medium-sized dog that is very fast and can do quick tasks when assigned. If you buy German Shepherd puppies and train them properly, they can do every exercise and immediate job.


The standard dog species’ weight ranges from 75-80 lbs in males and the same range for the female animals—the interesting fact about their ears is that they are pretty straight and have a very sharp ability to anticipate any danger.

Colour Variations

When we talk about their colors, they vary from black, brown to a variety of combinations. Many breeds are available for sale in many selling marketplaces in Pakistan. The German Shepherd prices are very high because of its extraordinary traits and exciting facts. But you have an option to raise them when they are puppies.


If you train the puppies and raise them and the children, they can learn many abilities to live with them. Various ads are posted daily about the German Shepherd puppies for sale at the average prices on our website. But you must have an idea about the facts and price ranges when you enter any market. You can efficiently train them with moderate handling at the start.

The Pakistan military is also using these professional dogs after proper care, management, and handling exercises.

Suppose you train a German Shepherd daily with normal to hard steps and build the consent to do work that you can take from these dogs. The German Shepherd should be trained and live among people familiar with the conditions preventing aggression in behavior. Their average height is 25 inches at the adult stage.

German Shepherd prices

Due to having specific characteristics and qualities, German Shepherd prices are very high and in great demand worldwide. But In Pakistan, prices are also a big challenge for pet lovers. But many breeds of these dogs are in the range that every pet lover can handle. You can buy without any further worry about the authenticity of the prices.

Every year, many German Shepherd dogs are imported from Germany and other European countries by Pakistan. Pakistan Army imports dogs to use in their professional training and operations. But many civilians also keep these dogs and buy them at high prices.

On Average German Shepherd costs 40000 to many lacks depending on their sizes, breeds, and age. Many other factors also matter when we calculate the German SHepherd prices in Pakistan. enables clarity, helps you avoid spamming, and creates a good connection between dog sellers and buyers.

Another reason for the pricing is the age of these professional dogs. On average, the adult German Shepherd lives about 10-12 years which is an average lifespan. Raising these dogs can be beneficial for protecting children from any danger when they train with them.

You can visit our ads on the website to know about the trending breeds and their price ranges all across Pakistan.

German Shepherd Availability in Pakistan

Pakistan imports many German Shepherd breeds each year to fulfill the demands. It would help if you considered the following factors while buying German Shepherd puppies in Pakistan.

Quality breeds are more expensive than pet breeds. Both types are suitable depending on your needs, but If you’re buying for household purposes, then pet breed will be the best choice.

If you want to deal with the best combinations, then go for the reputed sellers and buy German Shepherd with ownership.

Many websites are offering ads for German Shepherd puppies for sale, like You can visit these ads and buy the pet from your desired dealer.

Factors Influence The German Shepherd Price In Pakistan

People in Pakistan keep German Shepherd for multiple reasons and purposes. German Shepherd does many roles like a guard dog, companion and protects their owners from any danger. The german dogs are among the most popular dogs in Pakistan.

You can handle these dogs without having proper training courses and experience. But you must have consciousness while handling these German Shepherds. German shepherd puppies are sold at low costs, and their cost of grooming is not so much. Find the best pet deals at It’s Pakistan’s leading online sale market. What are you waiting for? Find your best German Shepherd puppies for sale right at the great opportunity at mela mandi.

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