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Dog Problems: Symptoms And Treatments In Richmond, Virginia

Dog Problems: Symptoms And Treatments In Richmond, Virginia

It is generally known that dogs can always be prone to having diseases. In any environment that they will inhabit, in every food that they intake, the possibility is always inevitable. There are various types of diseases that dogs can acquire. Some of them are treatable, and some are not. But through the development of canine vaccines and thorough research of remedies by the Veterinarians, most dogs’ illnesses have already been given a solution. There are a lot of online vets in Richmond so having a sick pet is not such a big problem.

Below are the four types of canine problems, their indications, and their treatments.

1. Alabama Rot

Last year, 2021, there was news about the outbreak of Alabama Rot in certain places, including Richmond. Dogs can acquire this disease from a muddy walk, which firstly settles in their paws, causing sores and internal damage which may affect their kidneys and could cause fetal death. Sadly, dogs with this disease do not mostly survive, but if the dog is immediately treated and immediately brought to medication, there is a chance that it may survive. The symptoms of Alabama Rot are:

  1. Sores on the dog’s lower leg and areas of the face
  2. Excessive loss of fur
  3. Loss of energy and appetite
  4. Tiredness and vomiting
  5. Kidney failure

If these 5 symptoms persist, consult your dog to a veterinarian immediately so there will still be high chances of surviving. Unfortunately, there is no particular cure for Alabama Rot. However, the veterinarian can give remedies for the dogs’ symptoms, and you, as a dog owner, can take preventative measures for your dog to keep it safe from obtaining the said disease.

2. Parvo

This disease is commonly heard as a common reason for a dog’s death. The virus of this disease is hard to kill, thus, making the dogs prone to receiving it. The dogs who love to roam around and join in dog gatherings are at a high risk of being a subject of parvo. Usually, Parvo often hits young dogs, especially dogs who are yet to be vaccinated. This disease affects the internal organs of a puppy, which may be a cause of death.  The indications of Parvo-infected dogs are:

  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Stomach bloating
  3. Severe diarrhea
  4. Vomiting
  5. Fever

These are the 5 common symptoms of Parvo that may indicate that your dog is infected. No cure has been found for this, but, fortunately, a vaccine has been made for the puppies that will serve as a protection against Parvo.

3. Ticks and Fleas

Fleas are a common problem for dogs in general. For both home dogs and strays, they can always be a habitat for ticks and fleas. These insects multiply fast, and it is often difficult to remove them one by one. Dogs can acquire ticks and fleas from dirty environments, or from their fellow dogs who are also infected with these annoying external parasites. Dogs infected with many fleas are at a scary risk of anemia. The obvious symptoms of this problem are when your dog often itches from time to time, and red bumps will usually show. To help solve this problem, using patience and determination, you can spend time with your dog daily and pick the parasites one by one and eliminate them immediately. And also, another treatment for this problem is getting your dog vaccinated to help them fight against ticks. You can also buy remedies such as shampoo and bath soap for your dog to help them rid of the disturbing parasites in their bodies.

3. Overweight

Obesity is a common problem for dogs who are often overfed and do not have physical exercise daily. Pet dogs who are spoiled by their owners and are not taken for runs and walks have a high chance of becoming obese. Although a big, fat dog is often viewed as cute, still, obesity in all ways is not healthy. Being overweight is not necessarily a big deal, but, if the weight becomes too much, this may cause serious problems for a dog. The symptoms can be clearly seen in an obese dog– they are heavy, their walks become slower and they become sluggish because the intense weight makes it difficult for them to move. The treatments for overweight dogs are easy. Give your obese dog the healthy diet that it sufficiently needs, do not exceed in feeding them. And also, engage them in physical activities such as taking them for a walk in the city, or letting them run often in a wide park.


If one of these diseases is found in your dog, you don’t have to worry so much because help is always present. You can inquire about Vets for help with these common problems. Some of the best online vets in Richmond will carefully listen to your concerns regarding your dog. And aside from the online consults, face-to-face checkups for your pet can also be conducted. Always remember to always look out for your pet and keep an eye on them when you can feel that there are changes in their behavior. Always do what is best for your dog’s welfare.


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