5 Golden Irish Puppies Care Tips

5 Golden Irish Puppies Care Tips

Caring for Golden Irish puppies is more than just about providing food, safety, and healthcare. In fact, it’s not much different than raising a child and, with proper care, your Golden Irish pup will grow into a healthy dog that will accompany you for many years to come.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some Golden Irish puppies care tips you can use to get the most out of your new pup:

Feed Properly– this is a big topic with multiple arguments and options. Wet food is good for your dog’s urinary tract because it has a high water content. Golden Irish puppies love eating wet food because it’s easy to swallow and digest. However, wet food may spoil quickly and cause the formation of plaque. Dry food lasts longer and is convenient, but it may cause teeth abrasion and dental problems. If your pup eats quickly, dry food may cause excess weight gain, due to the more concentrated calories. Regardless of the food type, make sure to control portion to prevent bingeing.

Vaccinate- even if your Golden Irish puppies remain indoor, your shoes may bring in viruses from outside. Essential vaccines for puppies are necessary to keep them healthy and to prevent a wide range of canine specific diseases. Consult the vet to ensure proper vaccination. It could start from six weeks of age and may need to be boosted regularly.

Provide Comfort- a new environment can be distressing for Golden Irish puppies and you should avoid overwhelming them. A comfortable environment should allow your pups to settle in gradually. Prepare a comfortable bed, water, and food bowls, toys, and blanket.

Set A Routine- your Golden Irish puppies should know when to eat, go for a walk, play, and sleep. Set a consistent feeding schedule. Give your puppy his favourite toys to improve physical response and boost mood. Soon, your Golden Irish puppies will be familiar with their daily schedule.

Interact- poorly socialised Golden Irish puppies could develop into Golden Irish dogs with poor behaviour. Good interaction with people and other dogs is important. During early weeks, make sure to give your Golden Irish puppies enough attention and invite family members to play with them. Positive experiences with humans and other dogs are important for long-term emotional development.

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