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3 Reasons To Insure Your Equine

3 Reasons To Insure Your Equine

Whether your horse is a pet or a part of your business, your horse is an investment. Just like your house and your auto, your horse requires care and regular maintenance. You would never go without insurance on the latter two, so why should you go without insurance on your horse? Perhaps you haven’t considered the financial risk of not insuring your horse, so here are 3 reasons to consider doing it now.

1. You Travel With Your Horse

Travel can be hazardous to a horse, but there are situations that necessitate travel, such as breeding, racing and festivals. Being on the road exposes your horse to potential risks, and not just auto accidents. Travel can strain a horse’s muscles and bones if not secured properly. Horses are also at risk of dehydration during travel, which can lead to impaction and other gastrointestinal problems. Also, depending on your destination, different regions can pose a risk to your horse’s health, such as disease and infection. While there are measures you can take to lessen these threats, you have no way of predicting the unexpected.

Experts at Ark Insurance suggest horse health insurance can offer you and your horse vital protection.  You or your business can suffer the financial risk that results from expensive veterinary bills when your horse gets sick. Insurance can lessen the burden during this difficult time.

2. If You Socialize Your Horse

While your horse may be your best friend, there is no guarantee your horse will be as friendly with other people. Intentionally or not, a horse can present dangers to inexperienced observers and handlers. Preventative measures can reduce risk, but horse liability insurance can protect you against legal action resulting from unplanned accidents.

3. Unexpected Loss

With an average lifespan of 25 years, you expect your horse to be with you for a long time. Unfortunately, illness and accidents can occur. For breeders, losing a beloved broodmare or stallion can be heartbreaking. Eventually, a breeder will want to replace the lost horse, and animal life insurance can help with those expenses. Even if your horse is a pet, if your passion with animals is equestrian, you may eventually want another horse.

Equine insurance provides financial protection for owners and businesses and it provides access to good healthcare for the horse. Knowing the areas where you should be covered will lessen your stress later if an accident should happen.

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